Madame Zorah (zorah) wrote in finger_spokane,
Madame Zorah

Save Peaceful Valley!

If you are a resident of Peaceful Valley, of Spokane, formerly of either, or if you just want to support the fight against giant fugly condos rising up over a once-beauteous and lovely historical district:

Go friend my Peaceful Valley's LJ.

We'll be commencing a letter writing-campign to stop the construction of a huge 17 story condo that will literally rise up above my 'hood and block out the sun.

In addition, the 1 million dolla condo prices will attract rich bastards.

We don't need no stinking richbastids.

Later, I will post pictures of the beauteousness that is my 'hoodie on the LJ and you will all coo with delight and shake your tiny fists at The Man
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