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For Dykes & Those Who Love Them


The Merq Cafe and Liquid Lounge & CounterCrisisNW present:

Dyke Night at The Merq: A Hurricane Relief Fundraiser

Sunday, November 27 * 8:30 p.m. - Close * at The Merq Cafe & Liquid Lounge
706 N. Monroe St. Spokane, WA. *325-3781*

9-11: Karaoke! 11-Close: Dancing!

Suggested Donations: $3, $5 (w/ one free well drink), or $8 (w/ one free well drink)

To purchase tickets, email Mary at

For more info on CounterCrisisNW or The Pom Squad email: or visit our website at


CounterCrisisNW & The Pom Squad, Spokane's Radical Cheerleaders are sending one of their own to Mississippi with HandsOnUSA to do hurricane relief work.

We're pre-selling tickets on a sliding scale, depending on what people can afford. The tickets are $3, $5, and $8. The Merq needs us to do some presale so that we can guarantee a basic number of people, so these tickets come with an extra bonus. For each $5 or $8 ticket a person buys, that person will receive one free well drink the night of the event. This is true of the presale tickets only.

CounterCrisisNW and the Pom Squad want to make this a regular bi-monthly or weekly event for dykes and folks who love them. Proceeds will go to CounterCrisisNW projects for women in the community. For more info on these programs, go to

There just isn't enough DykeLove in Spokane!
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