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Kim is Free Update!

We were all rubbing our eyes sleepily and pulling ourselves out of bed in preparation for Kim's 6 a.m. release. And then Kim herself called me at 5:15. They released her early and she was standing on the street. I threw on some yoga pants, called the other designated pick-up grrrls and zoomed off to jail.

Kim was standing outside, dressed in the blue dress and black pumps she had on when she went in, hair pulled back in a perky ponytail, reading a paper. This morning, her story ran on the front page of the regional news with a picture of her in her cell, reading Trans-Sister Radio. Kim had walked out as the paperboxes were being stocked and she bought one - only to see herself staring back.

On her way out, Kim told her guard "I'm going to change the way you do business around here." Oh, she already has. In the paper, the jail administrator said that they will handle transgendered people differently and more appropriately next time.

We thought Kim would be tired, but she just needed a change of clothes and we were off to breakfast at Dolly's where we left the paper on the counter with Kim's article facing up. After breakfast, we caught up with funnydyke who informed us that Kim has one job interview this week (cross fingers and toes!). Then she caught a shower, which had to be lovely after the grime of county jail. She hasn't stopped smiling since we spotted her in the early sun outside the jail and we are all so happy to have her home safe.

I'll let her tell you about her experiences and how much the letters and support meant to her, to all of us who care about her.

It is not over yet, though.

One more thing: Kim was obviously supposed to learn a lesson in gender conformity through her stay, but as I looked her over in the parking lot after she took off the uncomfortable shoes and was smoking her first cigarette in a week, I noticed that her toenails were perfectly and boldy painted - sparkly pink.

They can try to beat the girl out of a boy, but they'll never actually succeed.

(PARTY TONIGHT AT 9:15! Come celebrate! For address & phone info, go back one entry...)
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