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Saturday, May 12th, 2007
9:37 pm
Hello! We've made a new community for the Finger! If you're interested, please join here: http://community.livejournal.com/fingermagazine/profile
Wednesday, April 11th, 2007
9:39 am
Cheer Practice! Tonight!
Calling all spirited boys and girls

...cheer practice tonight, Wednesday April 11 at 6 p.m.
...cheer practice Friday, April 13 (wooo!) at 5

@ The Cheer House (Anne & Cass' House!)

For directions to the Cheer House please to email The Pom Squad at:







All are welcome including newsters with no cheer experience at all.

We've been invited to some fantastic events!

Wednesday, We'll be planning logistics, meeting newsters, and talking about how we want to spend the summer! And cheering.

Friday we'll be cheering. And cheering!

NO TRYOUTS! We think ya'll are PERFECT!

Peace, Love and Pom Pons!

Susan B. Anarchy.

P.S. Will there never be a boy cheer? We're looking!
Thursday, April 5th, 2007
11:27 am
Listen at Noon (PST): How we'll defeat the Tower of Doom
Our neighbor Lori is on the local radio station today at Noon to explain our brilliant new proposal to City Council. You can listen on the web at http://www.kyrs.org/listen-online-now
Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
2:00 pm
Peaceful Valley: It Ain't Over 'Til the Big Fat Dicta Sings
Monday I testified with two Peaceful Valley residents to the City Council to stop a giant condo tower that will violate city code and block out the sun to the neighborhood below. Now before you point and scream "NIMBY!" as the Spokesman-Review did to us this morning, please consider the following:

A year back we had this come-from-behind Bad News Bears victory over the developer who wanted to get special permission from the city to build a 150-foot-tall condo tower where the law allows merely 35-foot-tall buildings.

The Hearing Examiner - think judge in this proceeding - ruled that the condo "turned it's back on Peaceful Valley" while showing no benefits for the damage it would do to properties, gardens and historical character. So no exception. No tower.

A few weeks ago we got word from the newspaper that the city was about to settle with the developer and just flat out let him build the tower as originally planned. In addition, they were going to also lease him prime real estate in Downtown that is currently the parking lot of a fire station in a weak-kneed groveling attempt to stave off the 7 million dollar lawsuit he filed in Superior Court. How "negotiations" end with one party getting more than he originally asked for is a testament to our city government.

Let's review: Straight Rich White Man sues City for NOT granting him special privileges. Insists that exception from the law IS HIS RIGHT AS A CITIZEN. Calls it a "civil rights issue."

Oh no he didn't. Oh yes he did.

He claims that he is being discriminated against for wanting to build a residential monstrosity as opposed to a business monstrosity - because according to the letter of the law he could build a 150 foot office tower, or, as he so dramatically put it - "a 150 foot rock wall". The law only pertains to residential buildings and that is not fair.

Well, the law exists because no one in their right mind would build an office tower in that area and expect to make money whereas greedy developers have been slavering over it as riverview property & therefore prime residential pickings.

It was written to address one problem only - that of residential developers using the gorge area for personal profit generation while ruining it for the rest of the city - which relies on it for profit generation that benefits everyone. In other words it was written to stop exactly this project, and any project like it.

His second argument is that he should have got personal notice that zoning law changes were going to impact what he could build on his property. He says he had no idea that changes in zoning were imminent or would impact him.

For a man who says he spent millions on "pre-construction" he sure allowed himself to be uninformed. It sounds to me like one of the many people on his payroll - lawyers, accountants, consultants, engineers - fell down on the job. And Mr. McDowell has no one to blame for that but himself.

Especially since city records show a total of 29 instances of notice - including mass mailings. McDowell's attorney testified to City Council that testimony by Peaceful Valley residents introducing documentation of these 29 notices were "the first he'd heard of these attempts." Huh.

Regardless, Peaceful Valley also introduced case law - Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority v. Miller for all you law geeks in the room - from February 16, 2006 wherein the Supreme Court of Washington ruled that property owners who lost their land to purchase by condemnation were adequately notified of the process by posting of notice only on the Transit Authority's website. This would appear to support the case that 29 notices in varying forms was sufficient for McDowell who is not in any danger of losing his property, or even the right to develop it.

Not to McDowell, whose lawyer Stanley Schultz testified Monday night that dicta in 9th Circuit decisions - unnamed of course - supported their demand for personalized notice to each property owner impacted.

Now, I was a poor law student as anyone who knows me can testify. But I dimly remember dicta being defined something like "crap judges talk about in their decisions, but which does not legally justify the actual decision". So I looked it up.

Black's Law Dictionary defines dicta thisaway: Opinions of a judge which do not embody the resolution or determination of the specific case before the court. Expressions in court's opinions which go beyond the facts before court and therefore are individual views of author of opinion and not binding in subsequent cases.

Hm. Interesting.

And I also was casual about studying the hierarchy of authority, but I think State Supreme Court opinion beats 9th Circuit dicta. I'm just sayin'.

It was great because Stanley Schwartz, Mr. McDowell's attorney invoked dicta as though it meant something more like "really important parts" as in "We find support for this argument in the really important parts of these 9th Circuit opinions." He also said (and I paraphrase) "You lawyers on the city council understand what I mean when I say dicta..." and nodded sagely. As though they all knew what strong juju dicta is.

Sadly, I saw many council members nod as if to say, "Yep, far be it for me to argue with the all powerful dicta.

We testified that this is a choice between two suits, because the neighborhood (with some lawyerly help) is determined to appeal if the settlement is approved. I got to speechify on that point:

"Either way the City is going to be dealing with an appeal and litigation. The question is, will the city side with citizens and with the democratic process, or will it side with one developer and that developer's business interests?" (Pretty good for a speech I wrote entirely at the City Council Meeting, no?)

End result: City Council defers their decision on this matter until next Monday. Which is a win as it was on the agenda with a recommendation to approve, and I think Mr. McDowell and Mr. Schwartz expected a slam dunk.

Stay Tuned for more as we lobby City Council and threaten to sue some more!

...And can I say that it is a sad day when a low-income neighborhood has to get a lawyer to sue the City in order to have the laws enforced as written?
Wednesday, March 28th, 2007
7:34 pm
Please Join Us!
At pom_squad, the community of the Spokane Radical Cheers and all their friends!
Tuesday, December 26th, 2006
12:36 am
Hi!! Some friends and I have been working on a new art and literature project called Matryoshka, and we were hoping that more people might like to become involved! We'll be meeting this coming Wednesday (December 27), 7pm, at Frankie Doodles (near the corner of 3rd and Division). Please come if you're interested! If you'd like to partake but can't make it to the meeting, please send an email to spokanediy@gmail.com. This project is open to everyone, regardless of preferred artistic medium, skill, or geographical location. Here's a description of the project:

Matryoshka is a collective multi-media art/literature project modeled after the Russian nesting dolls (which share the name). The first part of the project entails making pieces inspired by this quote:

"We are no longer a part of the drama of alienation; we live in the ecstasy of communication. And this ecstasy is obscene."
-Jean Baudrillard

The contributions can be of nearly any medium so long as it can be documented: photography, music, film, painting, drawing, short stories, poetry, etc! So far, we have a song, short film, and illustration. We're hoping to gather submissions to finish this stage by the end of January.

The next stage entails making pieces inspired by those made in the first stage, and we'll continue for a few stages until we have a substantial collection of contributions with which to organize a print publication accompanied by a multi-media CD.


Thanks, and please be in touch if you have any ideas or questions!

website: fingermagazine.com/matryoshka

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Saturday, March 18th, 2006
8:56 am
Block Party USA
Come on down to the Peaceful Valley Block Party!
Food and Neighbors and mad amounts of good clean fun!

The residents of Peaceful Valley invite you to come see their beautiful neighborhood, have some snacks and join in the letter-writing campaign to save this Historic District from the looming gloom of a 17 story condominium. Learn about the issues, meet the lovely folks of this legendary neighborhood, snack on delicious food and beverages and participate in the most painless letter writing campign ever. (We'll show you how in a minute flat!)

Party from 2 to whenever, TODAY on the 1400 block of West Clark, just under the Maple Street Bridge.
Monday, March 6th, 2006
9:56 pm
Save Peaceful Valley!
If you are a resident of Peaceful Valley, of Spokane, formerly of either, or if you just want to support the fight against giant fugly condos rising up over a once-beauteous and lovely historical district:

Go friend my Peaceful Valley's LJ.


We'll be commencing a letter writing-campign to stop the construction of a huge 17 story condo that will literally rise up above my 'hood and block out the sun.

In addition, the 1 million dolla condo prices will attract rich bastards.

We don't need no stinking richbastids.

Later, I will post pictures of the beauteousness that is my 'hoodie on the LJ and you will all coo with delight and shake your tiny fists at The Man
Sunday, November 20th, 2005
10:45 am
For Dykes & Those Who Love Them

The Merq Cafe and Liquid Lounge & CounterCrisisNW present:

Dyke Night at The Merq: A Hurricane Relief Fundraiser

Sunday, November 27 * 8:30 p.m. - Close * at The Merq Cafe & Liquid Lounge
706 N. Monroe St. Spokane, WA. *325-3781*

9-11: Karaoke! 11-Close: Dancing!

Suggested Donations: $3, $5 (w/ one free well drink), or $8 (w/ one free well drink)

To purchase tickets, email Mary at maizorah@gmail.com

For more info on CounterCrisisNW or The Pom Squad email: pomsquad@gmail.com or visit our website at www.stoptheclock.org


CounterCrisisNW & The Pom Squad, Spokane's Radical Cheerleaders are sending one of their own to Mississippi with HandsOnUSA to do hurricane relief work.

We're pre-selling tickets on a sliding scale, depending on what people can afford. The tickets are $3, $5, and $8. The Merq needs us to do some presale so that we can guarantee a basic number of people, so these tickets come with an extra bonus. For each $5 or $8 ticket a person buys, that person will receive one free well drink the night of the event. This is true of the presale tickets only.

CounterCrisisNW and the Pom Squad want to make this a regular bi-monthly or weekly event for dykes and folks who love them. Proceeds will go to CounterCrisisNW projects for women in the community. For more info on these programs, go to www.stoptheclock.org

There just isn't enough DykeLove in Spokane!
Friday, August 5th, 2005
11:23 am
Kim is Free Update!
We were all rubbing our eyes sleepily and pulling ourselves out of bed in preparation for Kim's 6 a.m. release. And then Kim herself called me at 5:15. They released her early and she was standing on the street. I threw on some yoga pants, called the other designated pick-up grrrls and zoomed off to jail.

Kim was standing outside, dressed in the blue dress and black pumps she had on when she went in, hair pulled back in a perky ponytail, reading a paper. This morning, her story ran on the front page of the regional news with a picture of her in her cell, reading Trans-Sister Radio. Kim had walked out as the paperboxes were being stocked and she bought one - only to see herself staring back.

On her way out, Kim told her guard "I'm going to change the way you do business around here." Oh, she already has. In the paper, the jail administrator said that they will handle transgendered people differently and more appropriately next time.

We thought Kim would be tired, but she just needed a change of clothes and we were off to breakfast at Dolly's where we left the paper on the counter with Kim's article facing up. After breakfast, we caught up with funnydyke who informed us that Kim has one job interview this week (cross fingers and toes!). Then she caught a shower, which had to be lovely after the grime of county jail. She hasn't stopped smiling since we spotted her in the early sun outside the jail and we are all so happy to have her home safe.

I'll let her tell you about her experiences and how much the letters and support meant to her, to all of us who care about her.

It is not over yet, though.

One more thing: Kim was obviously supposed to learn a lesson in gender conformity through her stay, but as I looked her over in the parking lot after she took off the uncomfortable shoes and was smoking her first cigarette in a week, I noticed that her toenails were perfectly and boldy painted - sparkly pink.

They can try to beat the girl out of a boy, but they'll never actually succeed.

(PARTY TONIGHT AT 9:15! Come celebrate! For address & phone info, go back one entry...)
Sunday, July 31st, 2005
8:16 pm
kimpossible68 update! ADDRESS CHANGE
Kim's mom called me earlier, here's the news:

Kim is in the general men's population, but is in lockdown, so she is safer but more confined. They are refusing to use or acknowledge her name, even though she had it legally changed and it is the name on her driver's license. She is taking only liquids because she is on a hunger strike for the duration. No word on whether she was successful in refusing to wear the men's uniform.

Because the assholes refuse to acknowledge her legal fucking name, any mail you have sent to Kim Stankovich will be returned to sender (including the books I sent *GRRRRRRRRRRR*). So please write again and address the letter as below:

William Stankovich
Spokane County Jail
1100 West Mallon
Spokane, WA 99260-0320

But of course, in the letter call her Kim - or just Badass Superheroine.

I am so proud of Kim, our little hunger-striker. Sometimes I wonder if I would be so brave if they jailed me. With an example like hers to live up to, how can I back down when my time comes?
Thursday, July 28th, 2005
7:47 pm
where does one find issues of the finger? i picked one up once mand have never seen them again.
9:29 am
Spokane peeps: Get your protest on and tune in to KYRS!
kimpossible68 is reporting to the County Jail for 7 days tomorrow. Kim is being held in contempt of court for being transgendered and refusing to dress like a man in order to get a job. Kim, a full time student and parent of two awesome girls, has been ordered to pay $1000 a month in child support. After losing her previous job because she was outed, the judge refused to reduce the amount of the support order and held Kim in contempt saying that being transgendered "is a choice, just like being a punk rocker". In the past, Kim has been ordered not to pick her girls up at school because having a transgendered parent will embarass them. (No one asked the girls, by the way)

Kim is to report to County Jail at 10 a.m. At 9 a.m. we want all fair minded people to show up and make some noise. Let's give Kim a big sendoff and show the court that transgendered people have our support and discrimination will not go be tolerated.

For more info on Kim's story, listen to KYRS (92.3 or 95.3 fm) today at 4 p.m., Kim will be interviewed on the show Queer Sounds. For those not in Spokane, click here and you can listen via webcast. Call in at 509.747.3807 wherever you are to show your support.

Kim volunteers for Stop The Clock and CounterCrisis NW, she is a caring, generous friend and she got the Spokane audience to give her a three minute ovation after she performed in the Vagina Monologues. In other words, she's completely amazing.

We love you Kim!

Cross post this everywhere you like!
Monday, July 25th, 2005
4:45 pm
Some of the Finger folks are going to be interviewed on Thin Air Radio at 9am tomorrow morning (Tuesday, July 26) if anyone is interested in listening! It's going to be part of a new show called "Take the Power Back." Thin Air can be heard on 95.3FM and 92.3FM, or online at kyrs.org.
3:48 am
The Finger's first anniversary is on August 13! We're having a benefit show that night at the B-Side. I'm very sorry that it's not all ages. The venue was donated to us for the night, so we took them up on it, but hopefully we'll have more all ages shows soon!

Saturday, August 13
Belt of Vapor
Flee the Century
The Clap
Freetime Synthetic
The High Holies
9pm, $5
at the B-Side, 230 W. Riverside


the Finger kids
Wednesday, June 15th, 2005
2:28 am
Hi! The Finger is having a benefit show on June 25 if anyone would like to come! Here's the info:

Saturday, June 25
The High Holies
Corum Deo
8pm, $3 with a dollar off for each can of vegan food (for food not bombs)
at Rock Coffee, 920 w. First

We'd also love more people to submit things--writing, photographs, illustrations, whatnot! Please write us at editor@fingerspokane.com if you'd like more info! Thanks!
Saturday, April 2nd, 2005
7:11 am


COVER: 8.00
Friday, April 1st, 2005
12:30 am
Who the hell votes for the Inlander best of list? How does sonic burrito get voted #1 over and over for best burrito? I swear, these people wouldn't know a real burrito if they got hit over the head with one in Mexico! We made the mistake of eating there once, first off, our burritos were cold. 2nd they were flavourless. For the same money, we could have gone to La Katrina and had a real Mexican feast! Q'doba wasn't much better, more bland, tasteless white people food wrapped in a flour tortilla! Before ya call me a racist, I’m whiter then white. We haven't made it to Slick Rock yet, but if it's #2 after sonic, we're gonna pass. I guess growing up in southern California has spoiled me when it comes to burritos. With a taco stand every three blocks, I found the best ones come from hole in the wall mom and pop places.
Thursday, March 24th, 2005
1:13 pm
This Weekend!

The Molotov Room Presents:
ASSCERADE! an Asscore Weekend
[ don't be left out get directions FIRST! ]

March 25th and 26th


$6.00 each night

$5.00 with costume each night.

show starts at 6:00

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